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Saturday, 9 May 2020


A true Rock 'n' Roll pioneer who was also a big influence on Soul, Little Richard has had a stop-start career that has lasted more than 60 years. "The Rock 'n' Roll Years" collects together all known footage prior to his retirement (actually his 2nd retirement) from Rock 'n' Roll in late 1976; "The Gospel Comeback" features performances from his tentative comeback performing gospel music to his gradual return to Rock 'n' Roll during the '80's; and "That Old Black Magic" brings together performances from 1990 to his (final?) retirement a few years back... If all this is a little too much then I also have "The Ultimate Collection" 2-disc set of career highlights. Wanted, more Little Richard (1955 - 1976 era preferred!).

EDIT: R.I.P. Little Richard! Will always treasure the 5 shows I saw of his, the all-too-brief exchange of words, and of course the incredible music.

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