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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Volume One (1982 – 1983)

Promo Video, filmed early July 1982 (UK)
I Know There’s Something Going On

Promo Video, filmed late July 1982 (UK)
I See Red

‘Show Express’, 9th September 1982 (Germany)
I Know There’s Something Going On / Baby Don’t You Cry No More

‘Tele-Illustrierte’, September 1982 (Germany)
I Know There’s Something Going On

‘Rundt om Skoller’ (‘The Eddie Skoller Show’), 18th September 1982 (Denmark)
I Know There’s Something Going On / Baby Don’t You Cry No More / Jeg holder med Kina (By Eddie Skoller with Frida on backing vocals) / Sangen Om Langfart (duet with Sebastian)

‘Toppop’, taped September 1982 – broadcast 3rd October 1982 (Holland)
To Turn The Stone

‘Mies’, 2nd October 1982 (Holland)
To Turn The Stone

Promo Video, filmed 3rd October 1982 (Holland)
To Turn The Stone

‘Champs Elysées’, 9th October 1982 (France)
I Know There’s Something Going On

‘Aplauso’, early October 1982 (Spain)
To Turn The Stone / Tell Me It's Over / I Know There's Something Going On

‘Kanal 3’, 23rd December 1982 (Sweden)
You Know What I Mean

San Remo Festival’, 5th February 1983 (Italy)
I Know There’s Something Going On

‘Popcorn’, February 1983 (Italy)

‘Vorsicht, Musik!’ (‘Beware, Music!’), 7th March 1983 (Germany)
To Turn The Stone

‘Coeur en fête’ (‘Joyful heart’), 16th March 1983 (Switzerland)
I Know There’s Something Going On / Here We’ll Stay

‘Cadence 3’, April 1983 (France)
Here We’ll Stay

Promo Video, filmed 25th April 1983 (Sweden)
Here We’ll Stay 

‘Bananas’, 24th May 1983 (Germany)
Here We’ll Stay 

‘Einer Wird Gewinnen’ (‘Somebody Will Win’), 4th June 1983 (Germany)
Here We’ll Stay / I Know There’s Something Going On

Volume Two (1983 – 1986)

Promo Video, filmed Summer 1983 (France)
Belle (with Daniel Balavoine)

‘Champs Elysées’, 17th September 1983 (France)
Belle (with Daniel Balavoine)

Promo Video, filmed November 1983 (UK)
Time (with BA Robertson)

‘Harty’, December 1983 (UK)
Time (with BA Robertson)

‘Gala de l'ONU’ (‘United Nations Organization Gala Part 1’), 30th May 1984 (live from Geneva for French TV)
I Know There’s Something Going On / I Have a Dream

Promo Video, 1984 (Sweden)

‘Mike Aan Zee’, taped 29th August 1984 – broadcast 5th September 1984 (Belgium)
Come To Me (I Am Woman) / Shine

‘Countdown’, 30th August 1984 (Holland)
Interview / Shine

‘Musikladen’, 20th September 1984 (Germany)

‘Glädjehuset’ (‘The House of Fun’), 28th September 1984 (Sweden)
One Little Lie

‘Platen Gala’, taped 10th October 1984 – broadcast 13th October 1984 (Holland)
Shine / Come To Me (I Am Woman)

Promo Video, 1984 (Sweden)
Twist In The Dark

‘Cadence 3’, 21st November 1984 (France)
Twist In The Dark

‘Na Sowas Extra’, 28th November 1984 (Germany)
Come To Me (I Am Woman) / Interview (also features Benny & Bjorn) / One Night In Bangkok (by Murray Head, with Frida, Benny & Bjorn on backing vocals)

‘Viikonlopputelevision’ (‘Weekend TV’), 30th November 1984 (Finland)
Come To Me (I Am Woman)

‘Razzel’, taped 7th December 1984 – broadcast 8th December 1984 (Sweden)
Come To Me (I Am Woman) / Heart Of The Country

‘Här Ar Ditt Liv’, taped 16th January 1986 – broadcast 18th January 1986 (Sweden) – ABBA REUNION!

Volume Three (1987 – 2010)

Promo Video, 1987 (Sweden)
As Long As I Have You (as guest of Swedish pop duo Ratata)

Promo Video, 1987 (Sweden)
Så Länge Vi Har Varann (Swedish version of As Long As I Have You) (as guest of Swedish pop duo Ratata)

‘Sommarfolk’, 23rd July 1992 (Sweden)

‘Musik på Borggården’, 14th August 1992 (Sweden)
What A Wonderful World (with Marie Fredriksson of Roxette) / Saltwater / Ånglamark (with Tomas Ledin, Marie Fredriksson and Håkan Hagegård)

‘Ja Må Hon Leva’, 22nd December 1993 (Sweden)
Dancing Queen (with The Real Group)

‘Mitt I Livet’ (‘In The Middle Of Life’), Spring 1996 (Sweden)
Ögonen / Sista Valsen Med Dij / Älska Mig Alltid 

Promo Video, filmed Summer 1996 (Sweden)
Även En Blomma

‘Sverige Sovjet’ (‘Sweden Soviet’), 2nd November 1996 (Sweden)

‘Wiese’, November 1996 (Norway)
Även En Blomma

‘På Flykt’, 29th November 1996 (Sweden)
Även En Blomma / Ögonen

‘Et Lys I Mørket’ (‘A Light In The Dark’)’, 1st December 1996 (Denmark)
Även En Blomma

‘ABBA - Our Last Video Ever!’, taped Spring 2004 (Sweden & UK) – ABBA REUNION (sort of!)
The four ABBA members reunited (kind of) in the humorous film "Our Last Video Ever!".

ABBA - OUR LAST VIDEO EVER is the film about four hopeful musicians (a set of ABBA dolls made by Henson Creature Shop Limited who made The Muppets) in search of a record contract. They pay a visit to the Big Record Company Boss and his oily assistant, performing one hit after the other, cheered on by their manager. But things don't really work out as planned.

The film was produced by Radical Media UK and directed by Calle Åstrand. Apart from the doll-size versions of Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida, the film is starred Rik Mayall, Robert Gustafson, Sissela Kyhle, Cecilia Frode, Loa Falkman, Micke Nyqvist and Per Svensson, along with a number of interesting extras (Cher and Eddie (the Iron Maiden 'mascot').

‘Sunday Night Classics’, taped 6th September 2004 – broadcast 19th September 2004 (Germany)
The Sun Will Shine Again (with Jon Lord)

‘Goldene Henne’, 22nd September 2004 (Germany)
The Sun Will Shine Again (with Jon Lord)

‘Alle Jahre Wieder’ (‘Again Every Year’), 24th December 2004 (Germany)
In The Bleak Mid Winter (with Jon Lord)

‘The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’, 15th March 2010 (USA)

ABBA clips / Induction speech by Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb / Acceptance speech by Frida & Benny / ‘Winner Takes It All’ performed by Faith Hill with Benny Andersson 


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