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I'm a UK-based collector of pop & rock music on TV & video, specializing mostly in artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 80s. I've been collecting since 1981 & trading world-wide since 1985. Listed here are just some of my vast archives.

Many of the DVDs listed on this blog were compiled by myself: I always try to get the best quality material (many of my DVD compilations have been upgraded and/or extended several times). As well as the "greats", I also enjoy compiling / collecting DVDs on less obvious artists that most other collectors ignore.

I'm always looking for more footage or upgrades, so if you have a list get in touch via the email address above. Please note that (with a few exceptions) I do NOT generally collect interviews, documentaries or audience footage - just TV performances, promo videos, movie excerpts and professionally filmed concerts. Here's my WANTS LIST!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


WANTED: More THE FOUR SEASONS (1962 - 1970 era preferred!)


  1. Now extended to a 2-disc set with lots of new additions & upgrades! Disc 2 is mostly excellent quality while disc 1 is a little more variable. A great set, mixing in Frankie Valli solo appearances and The Four Seasons without Frankie as well as the full group.

  2. Looks good! Do you have any later clips?

    1. I have at least 3 good 80s clips, but not enough to compile another volume (& they wouldn't fit on the above discs without a reduction in quality). If you have any more then please get in touch as I'd love to expand this to a 3-disc set!

      I could also really use better copies of Ed Sullivan '56, Steve Allen '63-'64 & Popendipity '67 (most of the rest of the footage is excellent or near).


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